We advise companies in the creation of value from their business and processes.

Service line purpose

We seek the strengthening of strategic synergy, adoption of world-class standards and mobilization of digital transformation for a prospective business evolution.

Integral and specialized consulting solutions:


Family Business Consulting

  • Governance and Family Protocol
  • Strategic family, asset and corporate management
  • Family, business and patrimonial diagnoses
  • Specialized Training in Family Businesses


Corporate Governance Consulting

  • Corporate Governance Maturity Diagnosis
  • Corporate Governance Manual
  • Structuring of business control bodies
  • Specialized Training in Corporate Governance


Business Diagnostics Consulting

  • Business Maturity Diagnosis vs. World Class Standards
  • Market Competitiveness Diagnostics
  • Diagnosis of Risks, Barriers and Opportunities by macroenvironment


Prospective Strategic Management Consulting

  • Corporate and Competitive Strategies

  • Business Model

  • Capabilities model and key success factors

  • Strategic Measurement Dashboard (Business Intelligence)

  • Strategic Projects Portfolio

  • Specialized Training in Prospective Strategic Management


Design and Organizational Architecture Consulting

  • Organizational Structure
  • Corporate Process Framework
  • Committee Systems
  • Value Chain Model
  • Specialized Training in Organizational Architecture


Digital Transformation Consulting

  • Digital Maturity Diagnosis
  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Integral TIC Diagnosis
  • Technology Implementation Projects (ERP, CRM, BI and others)
  • Specialized training in digital transformation


Digital Disruptive Business Models Consulting

  • Digital Strategic Lighting

  • Digital innovation

  • Exponential Transformation

  • Digital customer behavior

  • Digital customer attraction and retention

  • Digital products and services

  • Insights driven companies

  • Digital business model design

  • Digital intelligent automation

  • Technology platforms and migration to the cloud

  • Digital organization

  • Digital organizational culture


Corporate Innovation Consulting

  • Innovation Diagnosis
  • Research, Innovation and Development Strategy
  • R+I+D implementation models
  • Specialized Training in Corporate Innovation


Business Model Consulting

  • Commercial Diagnosis (Commercial Intelligence, Marketing, Sales and Service)

  • Strategic Commercial Model (Commercial Intelligence, Marketing, Sales and Service)

  • Business Implementation Projects (Business Intelligence, Marketing, Sales and Service)

  • Design, Architecture and Brand Management

  • Specialized Commercial Training


Operational Model and SCM Consulting

  • Operational Model Diagnosis and Supply Chain Management

  • Strategic Operational Model and Supply Chain Management

  • Specialized Training Operations and Supply Chain Management


Finance and Investment Consulting

  • Diagnosis in Corporate Finance

  • Corporate Financial Strategic Model

  • Investment Portfolio

  • Company Valuation

  • Specialized Training in Finance and Investments


Human Capital Consulting

  • Human Capital Diagnosis

  • Strategic Human Capital Model

  • Organizational Culture Models

  • Transformative Strategic Leadership Model

  • Organizational Communication Models

  • Organizational Change Management

  • Competency and Performance Model

  • Specialized HR Tests and Assessment

  • Mentoring and Leadership Coaching

  • Specialized Training in Human Capital


Project Management Consulting

  • Project Office

  • Strategic Project Portfolio, Programs and Management Initiatives

  • Project Management

  • Specialized Training in Project Management


Sustainability Consulting

  • Sustainability Diagnostics

  • Strategic Corporate Sustainability Model

  • Specialized Training in Sustainability