We are
Prominence Partners.

We are a specialized boutique consultancy, firm, with a strategic and prospective presence in organizations.We are convinced of being the key partner to achieve the purposes of our clients and partners.We accompany boards of directors, executive committees, and senior management of companies in Latin America, advising them to bring their organizations to world-class standards.Always focused on generating consolidation, competitiveness, innovation, growth, profitability, and sustainability.



Get our strategic presence be known globally.


By 2025, we will be recognized in Latin America and the United States as a partner with a strategic presence that generates sustainable value.


We think, feel, work, decide, live and relate in this way.


Experience with excellence


New sustainable realities




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with value

Some of our clients in
United States and Latin America.

We have strategic models to advise companies towards world class levels.

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Transcending borders and linking with different business cultures provides wealth that goes beyond economics.
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Our spiritual, business
and social responsibility.

We know that comprehensive transformation is responsibility of all.

Prominence Partners has the conviction and commitment to contribute to the social and business development of the countries where it operates. For this, from the Executive Management, Consulting Programs are destined at no cost to non-profit organizations, which allows them to enhance their organizational dynamics and social impact.

We believe that we have an obligation to give what we have received, so that they know the significance and legacy of our “Strategic Presence”.

We challenge companies that want to transcend their market with strategy and management.

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